Trump Administration Finalizes Lower Fuel Economy Standards

SAFE Vehicles Rule trades higher mileage for lower vehicle price; California fights for tougher standards


Opinion: 3 Ways COVID-19 Will Shape Fuel Demand

Petrowski on how social distancing will weigh on gasoline and diesel consumption

All grades now meet detergency standard set by major automakers

Industry group cites COVID-19 dangers just days after Oregon suspends its ban

State suspends regulations as gas stations face employee shortage

Pump price down 23 cents, with far more to come

According to Growth Energy, there are more than 2,100 sites selling E15 now, compared to barely 100 sites in 2015—and the numbers continue to grow.

Booster Fuels promotes ‘no-touch’ fueling as cities and states shape regulations

Resources available to help sanitize the pumps and reduce risk on the forecourt

Operators argue coronavirus threat is pressuring their labor force, but union and firefighters group disagree

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