Consumer Report: Reaching Millennials

Angel Abcede, Senior Editor/Tobacco, CSP

Marlboro Black Menthol

In examining the Marlboro Black phenomenon and other packaging and marketing strategies that have appealed to millennials, researchers have come up with multiple hot buttons ...

Back in black

Coke Zero

Is black the new black? Coke Zero’s distinctive black packaging could very well be part of its successful recipe. Black branding lends an air of sophistication, a masculine appeal and—at least in the case of Coca-Cola—a way to differentiate it from other products in the brand family.

Fun and games


Besides packaging, Forbes magazine compiled an additional list of marketing attributes. Topping that list was technology and gaming, which appeals to a generation that grew up on PlayStation and Xbox.

Share and share alike

Influence graphic

Engagement via social media is also critical, with digital sharing and friends’ recommendations being powerful influencers.

Social order

No Racism

Social issues also matter to millennials as they seek to combine their spending with a social conscience.

Adventure bound

Couple driving

Part of that global consciousness is a desire for experiences over ownership—a proclivity for adventure over accruing material things.

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