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Angel Abcede is a senior editor and tobacco editor at CSP magazine, covering industry trends, investigative topics, technology and tobacco. His 25-year history with the channel fortifies his perspective and motivates him to seek out what's relevant, innovative and telling. Reach him at [email protected]

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FDA to Ban Menthol?

Report cites senior officials in move that would significantly affect tobacco category


FDA E-Cig Restrictions in C-Stores Imminent

NATO says agency does not have authority to ban products from one class of trade

Michigan legalizes recreational pot; two other states approve medicinal use

Gottlieb sets mid-November for ‘forceful’ steps

Tobacco, loyalty moves show promise, as fuel pricing gets new direction

Forum panelists say focus on youth will lead to more action

Company chairman and CEO honored with formal dinner and event

Manufacturer responds to FDA’s efforts to prevent underage vaping

Sacramento proposal moves forward despite CFCA's plea

TPE Show open for retailer registration

Agency takes steps to develop possible new standards