Boosting C-Store CBD Sales

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CBD, the non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis plants, is said to have an array of wonderful benefits. And according to Technomic’s Q1 2019 C-Store MarketBrief, a vast majority of consumers—95%—believe that hemp and related products, including CBD, should be legal in some capacity. With 25% of consumers having tried CBD and that number growing daily, it’s understandable that retailers would want to get in on the opportunity while it’s hot. But with so many brands of CBD on the market and a largely unregulated industry, it can be difficult to know which brands are the best quality and how to capitalize on CBD to boost sales. There are a few different strategies retailers can employ to help encourage sale of these products, such as determining the best CBD products for their stores’ consumer base as well as ensuring they’re deploying effective in-store marketing. Take a look.

An ideal product mix

When selling CBD in convenience stores, something retailers should consider is, of course, convenience. Products such as gummies tend to be big sellers because they’re easy to use on-the-go. Capsules, tinctures/oils and topicals are also safe bets, as they are easily transportable and cover the bases for the reasons why consumers may be purchasing CBD products in the first place—for pain relief, as a sleep aid, for relaxation, etc.

By providing a variety of popular CBD products, retailers can ensure they’re offering CBD for all types of consumers. Some of the best-selling products from popular CBD brand cbdMD, for instance, include CBD-infused gummies and a CBD pain relieving roll-on, used for temporary relief from minor backaches, sore muscles and joint pain. These broad-spectrum products that support overall wellness, that are guaranteed to be THC-free, are safe bets for retailers looking to get into the CBD business.

In-store promotion and marketing to boost interest and spur sales

Simply having the right products in the store won’t ensure the CBD sales retailers are looking for. Of course, it helps to have the products customers want, but if they don’t know those products are there, they won’t buy them. That’s why in-store marketing is so critical. Signs and placards at the cash register can help, as well as signage on the forecourt. Since filling up their gas tanks is the main reason many people stop at c-stores, posting information about the CBD products in stock at the gas pump can be a great way to increase awareness of those products—and encourage in-store purchases.

Retailers can also consider building promotions into existing store apps where applicable. Push notifications or in-app pop-ups announcing new products being offered (and their reported benefits) is an easy, effective way to get existing customers excited about CBD offerings.

CBD is big business already and is only expected to grow in the coming years. To learn more about high quality CBD offerings for c-stores, click here.

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