4 Takeaways From the FDA’s CBD Accuracy Report

Multiyear studies show the industry is improving, but could be better


Cannabis Company Launches CBD Product Line for C-Stores

Marketing team includes convenience-channel veterans

CSP chats with Nadia Vattovaz of Fire & Flower on its new retail partnership with the c-store chain

Cannabidiol news and data from convenience, grocery, restaurant and more

Consumer demand for hemp-derived CBD products has exploded since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Convenience stores are well positioned to take advantage of this trend, but ensuring they are offering high-quality products is imperative.

Two Fire & Flower shops will open adjacent to Circle K stores this week

Independent testing shows 84% of products contain more cannabidiol than advertised

CarryOn focuses on mental wellbeing

Are price declines making their way to retailers and customers?

There are a few key things retailers can look for to ensure they are selling products that are safe and legitimate.

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