Ugly on the Outside, Ugly on the Inside

Worn-out cold-vault doors can harm sales, compromise food safety and increase operating costs

Everyone likes to get new things, and they remember how good those new things looked and operated when they were purchased or received. But the simple truth is that new things will age and eventually lose some of its luster and efficiency, especially when compared to newer models that may have entered the market in the ensuing months or years.

This phenomenon definitely exists in convenience stores. After installing a new set of cold-vault coolers or freezers, the c-store operator will stand back and marvel at the snug fit of the gaskets, the shininess of the chrome, the smudge-free glass, the sparkling lighting and the smooth opening and closing of the doors. Then reality will intervene through an invasion of customers (hopefully) that will (usually unintentionally) abuse those doors with a never-ending barrage of bumping, banging, slamming and smudging. The ultimate result will be misshapen gaskets, loose door handles, scuffed glass and a cold-vault aisle that has seen better days.

At this point, the retailer has one of two choices: live with what can only be described as “ugly” cold-vault coolers or freezers, or bite the bullet and replace them.

Admittedly, option one is the easier of the two, because, hey, the doors still close and the products behind them still appear to be cold or frozen enough. This line of thinking, however, can be dangerous on two fronts. First, doors that are ugly on the outside and suffering from some damage don’t present the best face to your customers, which can hurt sales. Second, doors that have ill-fitting gaskets won’t close properly, which also can make them ugly on the inside because cold-vault coolers or freezers that are not kept at the proper temperature can compromise the safety and shelf life of the food inside.

Also, any cold air that is allowed to escape means the compressor has to work harder to maintain desired temperatures, leading to an increase in electricity consumption and utility costs. Studies have indicated that a single cold-vault door with a leaking gasket will accumulate $40 to $60 in additional electricity costs annually.

With that in mind, Anthony, a leading provider of cooler and freezer doors, and related equipment, has developed the Infinity 060 Cooler Door, which is the latest addition to its all-glass-surface Infinity Series. What separates the Infinity 060 door from the competition is a painted border that measures only about 0.6 inches, which increases merchandising visibility by 7% when compared to traditional cooler doors.

Also, the Infinity 060 has been designed with Zero Energy Door operational capability. In other words, Infinity 060 doors do not require any energy in order to provide excellent insulation and anti-condensation capabilities, meaning no electricity is required to facilitate the door’s operation. This is a crucial advantage as we approach the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) March 2017 deadline that lowers the threshold for maximum allowable energy consumption for commercial refrigeration equipment. The Infinity 060’s status as a recognized Zero Energy Door technology enables the doors to satisfy the DOE’s new regulatory standards.

Symlar, Calif.-based Anthony is a manufacturer and solutions provider of glass refrigerator and freezer doors, lighting systems and display equipment for use in commercial refrigeration systems.


Enter the Ugly Doors Contest to Win!

Do not despair! From now through the conclusion of the 2016 NACS Show (Oct. 21), Anthony will conduct “The Ugly Door Contest.” It is limited to one entry per convenience-store location, and all eligible entrants can enter the contest by visiting the contest website at, or by visiting Anthony at booth No. 5943 during the upcoming NACS Show. To enter, contestants must complete all required information and provide a photo of their ugly cold-vault doors, either through the contest website or in person at Anthony’s NACS Show booth.

  • Click here to enter the Ugly Door Contest.

All entries will be placed in a drawing, and Anthony will select one winner on or around Nov. 4. The winner will receive up to 16 new Anthony Infinity Series cold-vault doors, Optimax Pro 24 lighting, a Premium Flat Shelving Kit, removal of old cold-vault doors and free installation labor. For more information on the contest or any of Anthony’s products, visit

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