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How to Boost General-Merchandise Sales with Electronics

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Nowadays, it’s not enough for convenience stores to offer just coffee, tobacco and a quick bite. As c-store inventories expand, so do consumer expectations. More and more customers expect to be able to purchase household staples on the go without needing to make a second stop.

A growing demand for c-store household essentials

Understanding consumer regularity is key: For a striking number of consumers, purchasing everyday necessities from a c-store is part of their weekly or monthly routine rather than a last resort. According to Technomic’s Q1 2020 C-Store MarketBrief, 61% of c-store consumers purchase household items from a c-store on a weekly basis, and 91% purchase household items once per month, reflecting an increase in both weekly and monthly shoppers from the previous quarter. This indicates that successful marketing and positioning by retailers has led consumers to see the c-store as a place shoppers can count on to carry everyday items they need on a regular basis.

Cellular accessories, in particular, are poised to become a group of products that more and more consumers shop for at c-stores before looking anywhere else. If a consumer discovers they’ve forgotten their phone charger or earbuds while they’re out, for example, a c-store is likely to be one of the easiest places to stop and buy them. Because these items are frequently bought on the go, it’s crucial that c-stores put effort into effective and memorable merchandising so c-stores are top of mind when the need arises.

Best practices for marketing c-store electronics

Smart in-store positioning of products is one of the simplest changes a retailer can make. Placing electronics near the checkout counter is likely the best option: It can encourage impulse purchases and decrease shrinkage. At the very least, it ensures visibility to all customers making a purchase, increasing the likelihood that a consumer will think to visit the c-store next time they need a charger or a pair of earbuds while they’re out and about.

An in-store display with eye catching signage that stands out to shoppers is key to building awareness to remind consumers the convenience store carries reliable phone accessories. Direct store service providers like Associated Distributors have highly trained representatives dedicated to maintaining attractive in-store displays with a consistent assortment of best-selling products. With help from the experts, c-stores are better prepared when the time comes for a consumer to buy replacement cellular accessories.

Associated Distributors is also a proven supplier that offers manufacturer certified charging cables, car chargers, power banks and earbuds. Convenience stores that carry a top-quality selection of the electronics consumers need in a pinch are more likely to build consumer loyalty and earn higher profit margins as well. Offering reliable electronics is critical to keep consumers coming back. There are plenty of suppliers that will sell electronics to c-stores, but many carry poor quality products that lead to high consumer returns and low shopper satisfaction. Dependable products sold by Associated Distributors deliver the time-saving benefits of a c-store and make shopping for electronics quick and easy for consumers. To learn more about boosting cellular accessories sales in convenience stores, visit or

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