NACS Video Spotlight: Associated Distributors

In case you missed it, check out the latest product from Associated Distributors, featured at the 2021 NACS show.

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CSP Daily News

Grow HBC Sales with Strategic Pricing, Expanded Product Offerings

Expanding current consumer offerings and giving customers more choices, as well as filling gaps for products the store doesn’t yet offer, is a great way for retailers to boost sales.

CSP Daily News

Drug Value Packs Broaden Consumer Appeal

Higher count trial packs can result in bigger basket sizes and more penny profit for retailers. Consumers receive a better per-dose value, while also minimizing total out of pocket spend.

CSP Daily News

CBD Partnership Focuses on Quality, Purity of Ingredients

CBD products aren’t yet heavily regulated, so consumers want to know they’re getting what’s being advertised—and what they’re paying for.