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The Politics of Change

Four years ago, a riptide hit the nation.

CSP Magazine

Finding Opportunity in Every Challenge

The thrill of the young child’s voice permeated through his father’s goose bumps.

“Who’s the third party?” the man wanted to know. Fresh from a week on the beach, my mind was on a different kind of party. But moments later, I understood the man’s request.

Historic takeover battle for Casey's rages on.

Rare was a trade event when he wouldn’t come up to you with a pat on the shoulder and a full, beaming smile. Life, it seemed, was always good even when it wasn’t.

I’ve never met Don Zietlow. Yet my ears instantly pricked up when editors Samantha Oller and Angel Abcede blurted with excitement that they had spent more than two hours with the soul of Kwik Trip.

From the dais to the rafters, the chant reverberated with revolutionary zeal. Drill, baby, drill. Echoes of Sarah Palin’s battle cry two summers ago during the Republican National Convention have dissipated into a political party’s lament.

On an early spring day, Casey’s General Stores took to the social networks to share some news with its legion of supporters.

Our CSP Daily News Poll was unambiguous. On the heels of Congress’ historic passage of national health-care reform, we asked our readers: “Do you think the new health-care legislation will be positive or negative for your business?”

First story: A young Asian man in a tan suit gives a woman a smooch. Moments later, authorities are contacted, and Newark Liberty International Airport is in lockdown.

Imagine taking a pill that lets your doctor know you are taking your medicine at the right time with the proper dosage.

The clatter of manual typewriters may have been replaced by the anticlimactic clicks of computers, but that doesn’t mean things are tranquil in the CSP newsroom.

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