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From Slumber to Awakening

It is often said that from the depths of desperation emerges the height of inspiration.

CSP Magazine

FDA Stands for ... What?

You know what the F means in FDA?” the man asked me.

“A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation.” This statement by one of my favorite statesmen, 18th century Anglo-Irish philosopher and political the...

This month’s cover story should give us pause. Our industry is standing at the footsteps of a radical transformation, one that could decide whether we become a trillion-dollar industry and buoy ourselves as the neighborhood retail choice for the 80-millionstrong millennial generation.

Shhh. Do you hear it? It’s another debit-card swipe at your POS and, indirectly, another swipe from the banks and financial institutions that have prospered handsomely from your countless transactions.

It was April 2, 1993, when Philip Morris stunned the tobacco world. In a move pundits said was marked by desperation, the tobacco giant announced it was cutting Marlboro prices by a seismic 20% in an effort to strike back against generic challengers who were eating into PM’s market share.

“It’s not pretty. It’s not happy,” says a local while in search of fresh bananas and oranges inside a disheveled inner-city store.

Imagine reading the following after the Dallas Mavericks stunned the heavily favored Miami Heat to win the NBA title.

The queue started to grow dangerously long, and the snarl of put-out customers suggested a bad scene at the checkout.

Why public policy issues matter to you and your business

... and maybe your waistline; FARE speaker Berman warns of government overreach

The gap is growing between the c-store haves and have-nots

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