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Case Study: How This Local C-Store Caters to the Needs of its Community

Having a true sense of community can have a much greater impact in rural America than in other parts of the country. In Harwood, N.D., social interaction with neighbors and access to a multitude of fo...


Case Study: How a Local Store Meets the Needs of a Booming Community

In a rapidly growing community, it is essential for its residents to have access to all the resources needed to live comfortably. In Harrisburg, S.D., advancements are continuously being made as store...

When deciding where to stop for their next fill-up or for that last ingredient for dinner, oftentimes the place that’s most convenient comes out ahead for consumers. In a world of convenience, having ...

A sense of community means something different to everyone. For many, community is typically viewed through a geographical lens: showing support for and pride in a hometown or showcasing the unique cu...

For some consumers, location is the only consideration when choosing which gas station or convenience store to stop at to fill up their tank or pick up a snack. But more customers now expect features ...

Looking inside the c-store, increased in-store purchases have been reported during the pandemic—further evidence that consumers are looking for a place that meets their needs in more ways than ever before.

The Cenex brand’s new LIFT initiative provides retailers with the freedom and flexibility to renovate their stores how they see fit.

Cenex® has announced LIFT, a lighting, image and facilities transformation designed to revamp Cenex c-stores through a series of exterior and interior updates.

For many people, convenience stores are more than just a place to grab their morning coffee and top off their tank.

On this podcast, CSP editor Jackson Lewis sits down with Akhtar Hussain, director of refined fuels marketing at Cenex, to discuss the brand’s four-year initiative to renovate its 1,450 locally owned and operated stores.

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