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Category News

C-Store Completes Dream Rebuild Through Cenex® LIFT Initiative

Cenex® has announced LIFT, a lighting, image and facilities transformation designed to revamp Cenex c-stores through a series of exterior and interior updates.

Category News

IFMA Introduces Foodservice Insights Portal

Designed to help operators create new business plans and understand trends

Buckeye State becomes 18th to increase minimum to 21

From Illinois to South Carolina, these states marked the summer with fuel-tax increases

Wireless tech offers opportunity and disruption for fuel retailers

Tobacco subcategory starts year with potential modified-risk approval, daunting FDA proposals

Commissioner takes final days in post to reinforce stance on reducing youth vaping

Three commercial-grade totes offer operators extended delivery windows

Stops certain retail orders, limits online ordering, beefs up age verification

Proprietary technology creates 'full end-to-end frictionless payment experience,' company says