DayMark Safety Systems

DayMark Safety Systems

Established in 1989, DayMark® Safety Systems provides the food service industry with efficient, economical, and innovative labeling, as well as other products and services in the areas of facility safety, employee safety, food safety and technology and support. DayMark revolutionized labeling for federal food code compliance with the introduction of DissolveMark® dissolvable labels; MoveMark™ removable labels; and ToughMark™ repositionable labels. In 2012, DayMark’s direct thermal labeling system was introduced to automate shelf life, food rotation and grab-n-go product labeling – bringing even greater efficiencies and savings to restaurants and commercial food service operators.

DayMark took another step in 2018 with the launch of the MenuPilot® application, supported by the MenuCommand® corporate dashboard and Matt 85™ wireless tablet and Bluetooth direct thermal printer, which delivers a truly affordable, real IoT solution for every food service kitchen. When you Partner with DayMark, The Difference is Night and Day™.

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Convenience Stores Streamline Operations through Automation

With the high cost of recruiting, hiring, training and retaining staff, investing in an automated kitchen is one tactic that can help simplify operations.


Safe Off-Premise Dining Practices Set to Last Long Past the Pandemic

Operators are recognizing that it is up to them to meet—and exceed—customer expectations that the food they prepare is delivered on time, undamaged and safe.

While new protocols for protecting staff and customers, maintaining products that meet customers’ changing buying habits and keeping pace with new technology all compete for attention, one issue remains a priority just as it did pre-pandemic: temperature monitoring.

With no end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight, consumers are staying close to home and developing new habits.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to running their businesses, c-store operators are also challenged with ensuring the health and wellness of their customers and staff.

Successful c-store operators are adopting smart strategies to maintain food safety and are investing in new technology designed to increase efficiencies and improve practices.

Modern consumers want to read the ingredients and nutritional information so they can make a fast, informed decision on what to buy and eat.

Labels are important to the consumers because this is how they discover what ingredients are in their favorite snacks, keeping the customer satisfied and informed.

With numerous products available in smaller packaging and a growing grab-and-go foods market, convenience store operators are now challenged to provide more than expediency alone.

Grab-and-go and freshly prepared meals are both trending food options that allow convenience stores to compete with supermarkets to build loyalty and increase sales.

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