Regulation & Legislation

Regulation & legislation news affecting the convenience-store industry
Regulation & Legislation

Brothers Food Mart Owners Indicted

Allegedly employed undocumented workers, falsified wage and tax documents

Regulation & Legislation

DOL Proposes Criteria to Determine When Franchisor and Franchisee Are Joint Employers

Suggests four-part test to determine when franchisors are liable for labor policies and practices of franchisees

Agency chief instrumental on crackdowns on vaping and flavored cigarettes

As many operators prepare to replace tanks, here's what every operator needs to know about insurance policies for existing and new tanks.

Where c-store retailers can see delays, from new beer products to regulatory approvals

Which candidates did the largest fuel-marketing organization back financially in the midterm elections?

Voters decide on fuel, minimum wage, marijuana and soda referendums

Proposed legislation gives convenience stores more flexibility

Gear up for looming audits and investigations

Department of Labor investigation finds c-store owner failed to pay employees minimum wage and overtime