Convenience + Value = Success in the Grab-and-Go Foods Market

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The convenience store industry is no longer limited to just being convenient. With numerous products available in smaller packaging and a growing grab-and-go foods market, convenience store operators are now challenged to provide more than expediency alone.

Although shoppers are busier than ever and continue to value convenience, they also want—and expect—convenience foods with a greater emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients. The ability to quickly identify ingredient and nutrition facts printed clearly on the label delivers both the convenience shoppers want and the information they expect.

Success is in the details

Key to the growth of grab-and-go items for convenience store operators is the label. Market studies have shown that consumers of grab-and-go items tend to be “label readers.” 1 Shoppers want to read the ingredients, nutritional information, prep instructions and “best if used by” dates before making a purchase. Millennial customers, in particular, are looking for specific food and beverage items and they want to know what they’re eating, where it came from, and what allergens may be present. 2

To stay ahead of this growing demand, convenience store operators need to invest in an easy-to-use food labeling system. Use of automated labeling software, menu and ingredient management systems such as the MenuPilot™ kitchen automation platform from DayMark® Safety Systems provides store operators the ability to create accurate food labels.

Food labels are good business

Providing attractive, easy-to-read, detailed labels on grab-and-go items not only enhances the customer experience, it is good business for c-store retailers. Convenience stores that offer consumers more variety and quality, along with accurate ingredient information, will increase customer loyalty and grow their businesses.

Cloud-based systems like MenuPilot allow for label creation that is both consistent and efficient, providing shoppers with the information they are expecting. DayMark’s system utilizes an extensive database of ingredients to quickly build and manage menu data. 

Even more convenient is the ability to quickly make changes to the information on the customized grab & go label when necessary. In addition, the system allows for label changes to be made at a central location and then pushed out to remote store locations. DayMark even pairs their system with the Matt85™, a Bluetooth-enabled direct thermal printer that allows for quick and easy label printing. With wireless technology, labels can be printed on demand, reducing label inventory and saving money.

For continued growth and success, enhancing the convenience experience by meeting the evolving needs of shoppers is paramount. Investing in state-of-the-art technology will help convenience stores continue to grow by delivering a positive and informative shopping experience for consumers.

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2 – Washington Post, February 2018, 9 ways millennials are changing the way we eat

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