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Short-bay tunnel car washes add more profit potential for c-stores

Short-bay tunnel car washes are able to handle high volumes, and offer quick throughput.

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Strategies to Maximize Margins at the Carwash

After experiencing turbulent market conditions in recent months, the future is looking bright for convenience store retailers—and their automotive services in particular.

While current return-to-work policies vary among employers, the overall number of consumers resuming their commutes to work continues to trend upward—and will continue to do so once the pandemic subsi...

For c-store retailers looking to boost revenues, the car wash represents a significant opportunity.

Many c-stores have improved the efficacy and efficiency of their wash options, and some have added convenient options such as mobile purchasing, loyalty programs, subscription packages and more, helping to keep consumer retention high.

As these factors foretell more c-store consumers making purchases beyond the pump, retailers can benefit by optimizing their offerings—including their car wash—to maximize efficiency, boost quality, and convert new customers.

Here in the United States, several trends at rollover car washes at convenience stores are helping to attract new customers and make loyal followers of existing customers.

How retailers can boost traffic and streamline operations.

What if c-stores could earn more by upgrading their car wash to a mini-tunnel? It’s a trend among some stores, and it’s easy to see why—mini-tunnels can wash more cars than in-bay models can.

When drivers stop into a gas station to refuel, they might also head into the adjoining convenience store to pick up a drink or a snack. For some c-store operators, that’s all they can hope for—a purc...