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Strategies to Maximize Margins at the Carwash

Photograph: Mark VII Equipment

After experiencing turbulent market conditions in recent months, the future is looking bright for convenience store retailers—and their automotive services in particular. An International Carwash Association (ICA) survey of carwash consumers found demand remained strong even as fuel prices reached their apex, with 57% of consumers saying they were washing their vehicles just as often as they were before gasoline prices reached record highs. And now, as prices decline, 86% of consumers say they expect to wash their vehicle about the same amount or more often than they did before gas prices spiked.

The prognosis is positive looking out further, too. A 2022 Statista report forecasts industry revenue from U.S. carwashes to grow nearly $1 billion in the next two years, reaching $11.02 billion by 2024.

In short, the time is ripe for retailers to reassess their carwash offerings and make sure they’re offering the best services at the most profitable price point—not just to boost current sales, but also to secure loyal customers and drive steady profit in the future.

A quality wash at the right price

Any carwash consumer knows that not all washes are created equal, and the same is true for retailers: Just like consumers need a wash that’s effective and affordable, retailers benefit from a wash that offers all the capabilities their consumers are looking for while maximizing efficiency to keep margins high.

Figuring out profitability involves a number of variables, however, including not just the initial cost of the machines themselves, but also water and energy consumption, equipment maintenance and more. And it depends on the specific needs of each store, too—what’s right for one consumer base or site setup isn’t necessarily the best fit for another.

To get a clear view on all of these moving parts, Mark VII’s Carwash Calculator offers a solution. By answering five simple questions, retailers can find the carwash solutions that will most benefit their businesses—whether they are already using Mark VII machines or are considering making a switch.

With the calculator, retailers can look over current estimated monthly average consumption costs and potential estimated monthly cost savings by making the switch to a Mark VII system. Pricing information is based on national averages, so retailers can feel confident in knowing exactly how Mark VII’s solutions stack up against alternatives on the market.

With a carwash system perfectly suited to their site’s needs, retailers can feel confident that they’re maximizing margins while offering their customers a top-quality wash.

Learn more about Mark VII solutions and check out the Carwash Calculator here.

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