What Convenience Stores Need to Know About Cashierless Checkout

Photograph: Transact Technologies

New checkout options have rapidly emerged in convenience stores across the country. Options such as cashierless or self-checkout, Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology and smartphone-enabled checkout have given consumers faster and contactless ways to get the products they need.

Why are c-stores turning to cashierless checkout?

Convenience stores are always looking for ways to make fuel and food easier and faster to obtain. Additionally, there has been a rise in the consumer's desire to use self-checkout and contactless payment methods (which was only heightened by the pandemic). A study conducted by SOTI in 2019 found that 73% of consumers want self-service technology in retail locations. With industry-wide labor shortages, lines and wait times are longer, reducing the efficiency that so many c-stores strive for. By using self-checkout models, c-stores can not only reallocate employee hours to more important tasks, but they can also gain back precious square footage by using smaller format checkout options.

What do retailers need to consider?

Technology plays a primary role in the cashierless-checkout trend. As most every retailer knows, scanners capable of reading all major barcodes, QR codes and more are required. But often overlooked are labels printed in-store for grab-and-go fresh food programs. Most fresh food programs have grab-and-go label printers in-store that print at the industry standard 203 DPI (dots per inch). However, upgrading label printers to a purpose-made food service printer like the BOHA! WorkStation allows staff to print grab-and-go labels at 300 DPI. But why does this matter?

Printing at 300 DPI results in sharper and clearer barcodes on every label. High-quality printing is key to keeping lines moving smoothly for customers on the go, especially if stores offer self-checkout. Clearer barcodes mean fewer issues with scanning and less need for staff intervention at a checkout. Additionally, by using technology with higher print quality, retailers can shrink the size of barcodes without risking function, giving them more room for branding or promotions on every grab-and-go product.

What to look for in a great grab-and-go labeling solution

BOHA! is a suite of food-service-specific apps and hardware that automates time-consuming, error-prone c-store tasks. The all-in-one, cloud-based platform digitizes labeling processes, temp taking, equipment monitoring and provides critical operational insight. To learn more about BOHA! for fresh food programs, click here.

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