Which Tech Upgrade Offers Maximum ROI for Your Convenience Store?

C-stores need new solutions to meet new consumer demands—find the tech investment that’s right for your store.
Photograph: Shutterstock

In the wake of the pandemic, convenience-store retailers have been forced to pivot on a dime, reassessing the ins and outs of their operations to best suit their consumers’ shifting priorities—and the landscape will continue to fluctuate. To ensure continued success going forward, retailers are faced with the crucial task of discerning which of their customers’ changed behaviors are here to stay and of seeking solutions to meet demand going forward. By predicting consumers’ new and changing needs, retailers can optimize their IT budgets and invest in the right technology—the technology that will help maximize profit in the long run.

Take this quiz to determine which technology offers the biggest ROI for your c-store—both now and post-pandemic.

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