Candymaker Promotion In Motion (PIM) saw seasonal success with updates as simple as unique packaging. “Shoppers gravitated to novelty products because of the nostalgia factor,” says Mark Friedlander, associate director of consumer and shopper insights at Allendale, N.J.-based Promotion In Motion.

For PIM, that meant, for example, Welch’s Fruit Snacks offered in a heart-shaped gift box. “That had awesome sell-through performance, proving that shoppers are enjoying these seasonal offerings,” Friedlander says.

Meanwhile, Verrier of S. Abraham and Sons said the distributor saw success with offerings such as Halloween light-up necklaces and shot glasses, as well as Christmas “ugly sweater” beer and wine sleeves.

“As category manager, I tend to gravitate toward selecting truly unique, new and seasonal-focused items,” she says. “For example, Red Vines Candy Corn flavor, Hershey Kisses Vampire (strawberry filled) for Halloween, Big League Chew Gum Hot Chocolate flavor and Reese’s Big Cup Peanut Brittle for Christmas crate excitement for consumers as these are the only time of the year these flavors can be purchased.”