One big trend we’re seeing is consumers’ demand for bulk and larger pack sizes for at-home and on-the-go consumption,” Dodge says.

The National Confectioners Association reported that six in 10 shoppers changed up their candy purchase routines in 2020, opting for different pack sizes, exploring different brands and categories, and branching out to shop at different stores.

The Hershey Co. reports that take-home sales of candy increased 6.9% in c-stores over the past year, showing that consumers considered different channels for different types of purchases.

“Conversely,” says Gwen Andrews, senior manager, c-store sales planning, The Hershey Co., “refreshment penetration has declined with work-from-home trends expected to continue as companies allow for more long-term remote working environments. Given that, retailers should lean into the trends, reduce segments that have shifted and reallocate space accordingly.”

To meet new packaging needs, Mars Wrigley introduced a 30-piece gum pack as well as peg bags and stand-up pouches for some of its biggest brands. “That meets the need for a durable and portable pack for on-the-go usages and helps solve personal out-of-stocks,”
Dodge says.