alternative fuels


EPA’s 4th Fuel Waiver Extends 15% Ethanol Gasoline Sales to Aug. 29

Benchmark crude oil hits highest 2023 price at $84.40


Full Service to Stay in Oregon, as Gov. Kotek Wants Choice Enforced

Many New Jersey drivers prefer attended fueling, says report

Shell and bp announce proactive investments in electric-vehicle charging

Global giant’s profits slide 50% on lower gas sales and volume

List of NEVI recipients includes c-stores and shopping districts

Administrator issues 3rd waiver of year, citing Ukraine war and OPEC production cuts

Pilot Co. awarded more than half of Ohio’s 1st round of EV-charging funds

Illinois governor seeks EV auto maker to speed local production

Tanknology’s technology key to acquisition

Investments accelerate to over $21.5 billion

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