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With 6 Billion Miles Driven, What’s Next for E15?

E15 fuel’s rapid growth is undeniable and will only continue to expand its reach.


More New Vehicles Approved for E15

Increasing number of warranties and owner’s manuals OK use of ethanol blend: RFA

Automaker counters Trump administration’s plan for fuel-economy freeze

Largest U.S. refiner is weighing plan to sell higher ethanol blends in Minnesota: Bloomberg

Proposed rules with implications on fuel demand set to be finalized in spring 2019

Chain partners with Prime the Pump to introduce ethanol blend

Replacement of aging infrastructure the year’s bright spot, says PEI executive

Educational sessions and suppliers addressed short- and long-term challenges, from EMV to electrification 

Chain partners with Prime the Pump to add the ethanol blend

President to direct EPA to lift summer restrictions