General Merchandise

20 Cool New Products at CDA Marketplace

CBD topicals, smoothie bowls, keto energy shots and more from the trade-show floor

General Merchandise

2019 Product of the Year Winners Revealed

Top honors go to merchandise ranging from chocolate candies and gum to toothpaste and paper towels

Part of initiative to become a one-stop shop for all c-store categories, the company says

Sweet and salty brands received help from major celebrities for their ads

Cannabidiol products that are smoked, vaped or applied as lotion may still be sold

Average consumer is expected to spend $162 this year, a 13% increase from 2018

Confectioner’s Clark Bar, Wafers and Sweethearts sold off last year after bankruptcy

M&M’s returns for the fifth time in 10 years, while Planters makes its first appearance

Hershey offers tips to help retailers boost snack and candy sales this year

Cannabis’ nonpsychoactive brother is emerging in candy—but where does it fit in c-stores?