3 Things to Know About the Safe Operation of Fuel Dispenser Filters with Biofuels

Almost every convenience store sells gasoline containing 10% ethanol (E10) and many are considering expansion of their fuel offering to include fuels containing 15% ethanol (E15).


EPA to OK More Ethanol in Gasoline This Summer

Decision intended to help lower retail fuel prices

U.S. pump price a no-change at $3.49 per gallon

New technology, cleanliness solutions and options

Legislation would provide incentives for higher ethanol blends and flexible fuel vehicles

New hire brings more than 20 years at Sheetz to role

More energy firms are diversifying in preparation for the future

Change reflects the growing variety of liquid fuels that members offer

Branded operators in U.S. prepare for electrification and lower-carbon fuels

Agency to offer grants for fueling equipment upgrades to sell ethanol blends and biodiesel

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