What BP's Net-Zero Pledge Means for Its Marketers

Branded operators in U.S. prepare for electrification and lower-carbon fuels


USDA Makes Biofuels Push

Agency to offer grants for fueling equipment upgrades to sell ethanol blends and biodiesel

Retailer upgrades to blender pumps at 12 sites thanks to grant

Fourth-largest fuel market becomes 31st state to allow sale of ethanol blend

When it comes to E15 fuel, educating consumers is important in order to relay the correct information about this fuel.

Increased blending to help offset small-refinery exemptions

First full month after year-round sales granted by EPA show effect of action

Tom Kloza of OPIS discusses the biggest forces shaping fuel and oil prices

Fuel app to provide Unleaded 88 availability and promote biofuel

Are you considering upgrading your C-store’s fueling equipment to offer higher ethanol blends? To maintain a pressure-tight system, materials compatibility is a critical consideration during new installations and upgrades for ethanol blends.

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