Meeting Gen Z's Thirst for Unique Flavors, Healthy Choices and More

Photograph: Boylan Bottling Co.

Gen Z consumers represent a big opportunity when it comes to beverage sales. For retailers, knowing what these shoppers are looking for is a key part of sales success. By delving into the latest beverage trends that cater to the preferences and buying habits of Gen Z consumers, retailers can feel confident they’re stocking the right mix of beverages. With an emphasis on health-consciousness, personalized experiences and support for small brands, these trends present a prime opportunity for convenience store retailers to meet the needs of this increasingly influential demographic.

1. The rise of non-alcoholic beverages and mocktails

Gen Z consumers are increasingly gravitating towards non-alcoholic options and mocktails, seeking flavorful alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. According to Nielsen’s “Coming of Age: Gen Z” study, Gen Z consumers are significantly reducing their alcohol consumption, with 66% of them stating that they are actively trying to drink less alcohol. This trend is driven by health-conscious choices and the desire for unique and flavorful alternatives.

2. Embracing small brands and shunning corporate giants

Gen Z consumers are known for their support of small, independent brands over multinational corporations.  A study conducted by MNI Targeted Media found that 74% of Gen Z consumers prefer to purchase products from small, independent brands over large corporations. They appreciate the authenticity, personal connection, and ethical values often associated with smaller brands. By carrying products like MASH by the Boylan Bottling Co., convenience store retailers can align themselves with this sentiment and offer a unique selling point that sets them apart from larger chains.

3. Personalization and uniqueness

Individuals a part of Gen Z value products that allow them to express their individuality. According to a survey by The Center for Generational Kinetics, 65% of Gen Z consumers prefer products that are unique and customizable to their individual tastes and preferences. This desire for personalization extends to the beverage category as well. MASH sparkling fruit drink provides an enticing combination of two fruit flavors, resulting in a distinct and refreshing taste. Its emphasis on uniqueness resonates with Gen Z consumers seeking personalized experiences.

4. Health-conscious choices

With a growing focus on wellness, Gen Z consumers are actively seeking healthier alternatives. Research conducted by Mintel reveals that 76% of Gen Z consumers believe that maintaining a healthy diet is important. They actively seek out healthier beverage options that align with their health goals. MASH stands out as a refreshing, low-calorie option, with each drink containing 70 calories or less. Sweetened with sucralose and made with natural flavors, MASH strikes a balance between health-conscious choices and bold, satisfying flavors.

5. Environmental consciousness and support for sustainable brands

Gen Z consumers are known for their strong environmental consciousness and desire to support brands that prioritize sustainability. Studies have shown that this generation is deeply concerned about the impact of human activities on the planet. A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation revealed that 72% of Gen Z consumers are willing to pay more for products from environmentally responsible brands. They actively seek out brands that prioritize sustainability and minimize their carbon footprint. MASH recently repackaged from plastic bottles to aluminum cans because it is a much more sustainable option.


Catering to Gen Z consumers' evolving preferences is crucial for retailers. After all, Gen-Z comprises a significant percentage (40%) of total U.S. consumers and wields a staggering clout for buying ($143 billion) according to McKinsey data.  By understanding their preferences, retailers can position themselves as industry leaders. MASH sparkling fruit drink perfectly aligns with these preferences, offering unique flavors, low-calorie content and sustainability. With data-backed insights, retailers can confidently meet Gen Z's desires and establish themselves as trusted destinations. By embracing these trends and carrying MASH, retailers can cater to Gen Z's thirst for unique, healthy, and environmentally conscious beverages, unlocking their potential in this lucrative market. Click here to learn more.

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