Beverage and RTD drinks category news for the convenience- store retail industry


Javo, 7-Eleven Join to Launch Fountain Java Line

Javo Beverage Co. Inc. is collaborating with 7-Eleven Inc. on a line of fountain-dispensed specialty iced coffee and latte beverages in five flavors.


Pop to Stop

Beverage cos. agree to eliminate soda from elementary, middle school distribution; put high school distribution on diet

Coors Brewing Co. is introducing several new ways to keep beer colder, longer.

Reportedly finalizing Dr Pepper/Seven Up Bottling Group deal

Beverage company also adds General Mills brands to flavored milk line


Beverage Marketing ranks trademarks

Coca-Cola North America and Godiva Chocolatier have launched a new line of premium-blended indulgent beverages called Godiva Belgian Blends.

Beverage analyst talks of warehouse trend

Calls SoBe Life Water a "copycat product"

New private-label sodas available in five varieties

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