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March 2011 Back Rumor

Overheard at CRU: “My body is a temple. It used to be a sanitary landfill.” 

E.M., you bring the snare drum and we’ll bring the bagpipes.

M.R., did you think you’d leave CRU with a new nickname? D.F. and R.F.: Tell BR next time you guys go to a nude beach. Happy anniversary!

Thanks for ruining risotto forever, D.A.

J.F., thanks, we think, for the tip on determining the cleanliness of a hotel-room floor.

BR congratulates Frank Squilla of InComm on winning the Mars tailgating experience at CRU! Fuel-delivery drivers will become more like FedEx folks as hand-held technology moves into the field, says Brian R.

BR hears one major sold assets for 50 cents on the dollar.

So much for going to Vegas to play the slots. Now we can do it on S.H.’s new app.

Who knew there were so many hockey fans in the c-store industry? But then, BR guesses the price was right.

BR hears the EBITDA of a major acquisition one retailer made two years ago has more than tripled.

D.F., did you really sell that piece of 19th century art to the Met?

Unfortunately, as one Midwest retailer found out, even if only one acre of your property grows peanuts, everyone thinks of you as a peanut farmer.

One industry consultant thinks retailers need a lesson in depreciation.

One Southeast marketer is set to pounce on another big acquisition.

K.R., congrats on your upcoming wedding and fatherhood. Enjoy your freedom now.

In “responsible density” we trust, says one franchisee of a national c-store chain.

J.B., we hope your experience with superconductors can add spark to our industry.

Congratulations on the latest addition to a certain Michigan chain.

The hunt is on for the next tech project that makes sense, says one Southeast retailer.

Did a voodoo doll lead to $30,000 in water damage? One technology supplier has made the link.

Independents are leading the move to credit-card chip technology on Canada’s petroleum scene, B.M. says.

A value-positioned store is in test for one Midwest retailer.

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