Savor the Flavor: Extended Shelf Life Offerings for Grab-and-Go Sandwiches

E.A Sween

E.A. Sween's 2024 innovation introduces four exciting new products designed to extend the shelf life of refrigerated items to an impressive 30 days. This launch features three mouthwatering saucy subs from Market Sandwich and a classic roast beef and cheese sandwich from Deli Express. Utilizing M.A.P. packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), all four items offer an extended shelf life while maintaining freshness and flavor. Since hitting the shelves in February, these new products have received enthusiastic responses from both consumers and retailers.

Recognizing the strong consumer demand for flavorful sauces and the consistent popularity of sub-style sandwiches, Market Sandwich has carefully crafted three enticing sub flavors using only the finest ingredients:

  • Smoked Turkey & Provolone with Honey Dijon Sauce
  • Smoked Ham & Swiss with Honey Mustard Sauce
  • Italian Style Sub with Italian Style Sauce

The exceptional taste and convenience of these new subs enhance retailers' on-the-go offerings, catering to busy consumers seeking quality and flavor in their meals.

Meanwhile, Deli Express introduces the roast beef and cheese wedge, bringing a beloved favorite to consumers who crave traditional comfort foods. Featuring high-quality roast beef, this new item is a natural choice for those seeking a satisfying ready-to-eat meal option.

In response to consumers' desire for fresh, minimally processed on-the-go foods with extended shelf life, E.A. Sween has implemented M.A.P. Packaging technology. This innovative packaging solution slows spoilage, preserves product quality, and ensures that food remains appealing and edible for an extended period. By incorporating M.A.P. Packaging into the three new subs and roast beef wedge, retailers benefit from reduced waste and increased profits while meeting consumer demands for freshness and convenience. To learn more, click here.

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