Jet Pep Grows in West Alabama

Company planning additional retail expansion in the region

HOLLY POND, Ala. -- Jet Pep Inc., a petroleum company with 104 gas stations across the state of Alabama, has increased its presence in West Alabama, reported The Tuscaloosa News. The privately owned company acquired two stations in metro Tuscaloosa and reopened them under its name within the past two months, said the report.

Jet Pep now has three stations in Tuscaloosa County, Chuck Moore, Jet Pep's general manager, told the newspaper. In addition, Jet Pep recently acquired stations in Centreville and Gordo, the report said.

Jet Pep quietly moved into West [image-nocss] Alabama about five years ago when it bought a former Crown station in Tuscaloosa, said Moore. If opportunities occur, the company could expand further in West Alabama, he added, noting the region is on the company's radar.

"We were just talking the other day about how we would like to have more in West Alabama," he said. "So far, we are pleased with what we see."

Jet Pep's presence is strongest in central Alabama, where it opened its first station in Cullman County. It also is strong in northern and eastern Alabama, Moore said.

The company's headquarters is in Holly Pond. The company has been in business almost 30 years. Jet Pep owns its stations, Moore said. It maintains the pumps and supplies the fuels. Most of the stations also have a convenience store, which are leased to independent operators, who make their money on the goods they sell inside.

Jet Pep buys its fuels from various refineries and receives its delivery via Colonial Pipeline Co. The company's largest supplier is ExxonMobil, Moore said.