More partners, more possibilities, more ways to use POS

Northwest Pump

Simplicity, control, and flexibility are all items that relate to a good point-of-sale system. The Gilbarco Passport Point-of-Sale System is just that. Investing in Passport today means investing in the POS technology of tomorrow.

With Passports touchscreen and intuitive design, Gilbarco gets business’s employees trained within 20 minutes or less. Passport’s unmatched simplicity allows time to focus on strategy and technology. Extensions within the Passport ecosystem allow c-stores to serve and reach customers across entire sites and entire network sites.

Manage Smart. Stay Secure. 

By being first to market with an outdoor EMV solution, Gilbarco has honed the EMV transition process with special features like functionality that ensures no bank card is left behind by consumers.

Passport’s easy integration with third-party systems and powerful reporting and tracking tools give sites everything needed to run and manage a cutting-edge fuel retailing system. The Method of Payment Report calculates credit and debit transactions for fuel, merchandise, and car wash sales to reduce card processing fees.

Additionally, Passport provides sophisticated alerts and safeguards that help employees perform at their best and secure investment. It all adds up to tighter security, fewer surprises, and better results for customers and employees companywide.

More partners, means more options.  

Gilbarco's POS Passport has more than 120-certified partners, allowing significant flexibility to most effectively meet a businesses’ evolving needs.

Partners that are covered by Gilbarco POS include:

-Back Office Systems

-Broadband/WAN Networking Solutions

-Car Wash Controller

-Electronic Loyalty Programs 

-Integrated Loyalty Programs

-Mobile Payment Processing Networks

-Proprietary Fleet / Auxiliary Network Security Camera

-Tank Gauges

Third Party Developer Support

The developer portal is specifically designed to support third-party companies interested in interfacing. Gilbarco Passport point-of-sale systems and/or developing applications for use on the new Encore Experience forecourt applications solution.

Northwest Pump partners with Gilbarco and has a limited time offer until Labor Day to help with POS needs around the US. Between an ASC in your area to help with installation, software updates or additional product needs. The best part about partnering with Northwest Pump is the product is in stock, so no lead times.

Let NWP help you create a better and more secure experience for your customers by investing in the Gilbarco POS PX60.

For more information on the Gilbarco check out specs, check out the online store- https://bit.ly/3zyM2Mk

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