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Drug Value Packs Broaden Consumer Appeal

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Convenience stores are something of an oasis for consumers, providing them with essential items when and where they need them. Giving consumers more choices and options is one way to encourage them to stop by and to build the habit of viewing convenience stores as the answer to their needs. Consumers seeking a quick stop for over-the-counter drugs rely on convenience stores to provide them with the health products they need. However, if they can only find convenience-sized packs of just one or two doses of a certain product, consumers may opt instead to simply stop by a drugstore to get a better value.

Convenience retailers can help prevent this.

Varied product sizes

Different product sizes and price points allow convenience stores to meet a variety of consumer needs. More choices can encourage consumers to make purchases and to pop into a convenience store rather than trying to maneuver through a big-box retailer or drugstore.

Someone traveling and looking for some quick headache relief may want to pick up a product that has enough to relieve their current ailment and enough that they don’t have to make more than one trip to get another dose should they need one. For these consumers, private label value packs in larger sizes can be an excellent solution.

Convenience stores looking to carry trial pack sizes of over-the-counter drugs can find such products from Lil' Drug Store Products. Additionally, Lil' Drug has rolled out new products in larger sizes that provide consumers with more value and more choice while still providing a low-cost solution for their ailment. This strategy can help convenience stores broaden their appeal to their consumers. The larger count, trial-sized options are available in popular brands such as Tylenol and Motrin, as well as newer brands to the channel, Tylenol PM and Excedrin Migraine.

Higher count trial packs can result in bigger basket sizes and more penny profit for retailers. Consumers receive a better per-dose value, while also minimizing total out of pocket spend.

Other convenience products

Over-the-counter medications aren’t the only trial-sized product consumers may be looking for at c-stores. NoDoz, another product that convenience store customers seek, is now available in vials. NoDoz is the No.1 alertness aid brand in convenience stores, and by offering it in smaller packages, retailers can appeal to consumers who need a little boost but may not want to purchase a larger bottle of the product. The conveniently sized vial is designed specifically for caffeine consumers on-the-go and provides value to consumers, thanks in part to its smaller price.

Lil' Drug Store Products provide convenience stores with a range of the best-selling brands on the market in sizes that encourage store traffic and meet consumer demands. From pain relief to cough and cold and allergy relief, Lil' Drug has over-the-counter drug options that consumers are looking for in c-stores. To learn more about new trial sizes and other products available through Lil’ Drug Store Products, visit

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