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General Merchandise

C-Store Supply Chain Remains Sturdy—But Not Unbreakable—During Pandemic

Consumer demand for 'essential' products has put pressure on suppliers and operators

General Merchandise

How Did C-Store Retailers Respond to the COVID-19 Operators Survey?

Results show most operators have specific plan in place to combat the coronavirus

Gummies, sport creams and more now available in chain’s Coastal Carolina Division

Measures include extreme sanitation, foodservice shakeups and more

Added sessions focus on how coronavirus, last-mile delivery are reshaping retail

Distributors of c-store food and beverages have taken action to combat the outbreak

4 boys burned after using homemade product, police say

Projections of few retail buyers, exhibitors and low turnout result in decision

Expanding current consumer offerings and giving customers more choices, as well as filling gaps for products the store doesn’t yet offer, is a great way for retailers to boost sales.

Stewart’s Shops offers reusable options in its c-stores

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