This year, the 54-year-old Canadian chain shook up its simple, classic offerings by launching a line of espresso-based drinks, including Americanos, cappuccinos and lattes. Guests could customize the beverages with mocha, vanilla, caramel and pumpkin spice. On the more unconventional, buzz-building side was its Buffalo latte, made with mocha and Buffalo sauce flavoring and topped with whipped cream and Buffalo seasoning. The Buffalo latte was released for a limited time this fall. “Tim Hortons and Buffalo sauce were both born in 1964, so why not take these two Buffalo staples and combine them?” Stephen Goldstein, regional president of Tim Hortons U.S., said at the time of its release.

Despite these new additions, fans praise the consistency of the iconic brand. “Always great coffee, great food and great service,” said a recent Tim Hortons patron.