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Samantha Oller is senior editor/fuels, CSP/Winsight. Email her at soller@winsightmedia.com.

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Petroleum Equipment Industry Sees Opportunity in EVs

Share of distributors and contractors involved in charging doubles from previous year: PEI


How to Supersize the Car-Wash Ticket

Ways to boost transactions, from prompting a premium purchase to using mobile apps

Tesla owners urged to charge up as utility shuts off electricity to prevent wildfires

Proposal would require fuel distributors, terminals to buy pollution credits

Denmark proposes phase-out of gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles in Europe by 2030

Gilbarco unit taps internet of things and analytics capabilities to improve fueling experience

Increased blending to help offset small-refinery exemptions

360Fuel, Gas Pump TV, Bennett and Allied partner on retrofit option and subsidy program

Outdoor credit-card readers and in-store payment create opportunities for new customers

Maryland auto repair business flips the switch to EV charging

Brands tackle fraud with EMV upgrades and mobile payment

Cloud-based product offers secure fuel inventory and delivery information

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