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Samantha Oller is senior editor/fuels, CSP/Winsight. Email her at [email protected]

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Propel Fuels Plans EV Charging Network

Biofuels company embraces EVs as part of ‘low-carbon transportation’ strategy


E15 Poised for Liftoff

As EPA readies rulemaking, advocates anticipate potential of year-round sales

Sites will be located along Trans-Canada highway from Nova Scotia to British Columbia

Fuel marketer targets 2020 to have entire network upgraded to new standards

Oasis Travel Center accuses chain of violating state’s motor fuel marketing act

Major oil buys Greenlots; Tritium also ramps up U.S. growth

Ethanol industry group accuses agency of failing to reallocate biofuel blending shortfalls

Acquisition of Canadian fuel-pricing expert expands Kalibrate’s North American offer

With 2019 a nonelection year, lawmakers eye another round of new fees

Users can access GasBack program to earn credits toward free gasoline

Potential issues with high-powered cables temporarily forces most fast chargers offline

First fast-charging sites go live in Ontario