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Samantha Oller is managing editor, CSP/Winsight. She joined CSP in 2004 as fuels editor and continues to cover this beat for the magazine and online. In addition, Samantha oversees the CSP Category Management Handbook, an award-winning annual issue that presents a snapshot of c-store sales as well as trends shaping the categories for the year to come. Email her at soller@winsightmedia.com.

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Mobile Fueling Boosted by COVID-19 Concerns

Booster Fuels promotes ‘no-touch’ fueling as cities and states shape regulations


Fuel Dispenser Cleanliness Key During Coronavirus Pandemic

Resources available to help sanitize the pumps and reduce risk on the forecourt

Operators argue coronavirus threat is pressuring their labor force, but union and firefighters group disagree

Travel-center chain cites increased shipments, commits to keeping stores open as pandemic continues

CSP talks with GasBuddy’s Patrick De Haan about how COVID-19 and the oil price war are playing out at the pump

Crashing oil prices mean short-term pain for the market, but regulations ensure long-term gain: Bloomberg

Restrictions on hours of service waived to protect supply against 'rush to the pumps'

Branded operators in U.S. prepare for electrification and lower-carbon fuels

Partnerships extend personalized discounts to 25 million monthly users

Strategic investment in Get Spiffy to extend reach of Shell’s on-demand services

Coronavirus fears, reaction and oil price war take their toll, with long-term implications for fuel retailers

BPAMA conference highlights digital signage, Amazon-powered tech, EV charging

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