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Samantha Oller is senior editor/fuels, CSP/Winsight. Email her at soller@winsightmedia.com.

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Summertime E15 Gallons Hold Steady in Minnesota

First full month after year-round sales granted by EPA show effect of action


6 Fuel Factors Driving Change in 2020

Tom Kloza of OPIS discusses the biggest forces shaping fuel and oil prices

Sustainability program provider ranks among fastest-growing private companies

Developers 'surprised' by the number of devices in the field not discovered by other detection methods

Fuel app to provide Unleaded 88 availability and promote biofuel

Maverik and Dash In share how technology, service and marketing are key to consistent customer experience

More than 30 EV charging locations set to go online by end of 2020

Pennsylvania wholesaler to provide Mid-Atlantic dealers with VP branded fuel

Sheetz, Giant and East Coast refiners agree to Buckeye Partners’ reversal plans

Autonomous fleet vehicles to charge without human intervention in new pilot project

To stay relevant, fuel retailers add EV chargers, delivery services and more

New grant program raises EV charging ‘double-dipping’ concerns from retail groups

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