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Shell TapUp Gets Ready to Scale Up

After success in Houston and Seattle, mobile fueling service entering new markets


Pushback Grows Against Illinois Proposed Self-Service Ban

Fuel retailers mobilize to fight restrictions as bill’s sponsor promises revisions

Major oil reorganizes and sets carbon targets, with implications for fuels

Collaboration would aid development of charging sites near highway and rural areas

Legislation would require gas stations to offer full-service fueling

Seller McPherson to focus on lubricants, commercial fueling and fleet cards

Sales of new gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles to end in 2035

Survey reveals how buying an EV affects range anxiety, driving habits and more: AAA

Fuel delivery service joins Yoshi, Shell TapUp and others in Houston market

Fuel retailer to build dozens of fast-charging locations in central and western Canada

Autonomous vehicles can open new branding and eating occasions for food marketers

Stickers offer information for reporting skimming as new state regulator takes over

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