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Mergers & Acquisitions

2023 a Significant Year for C-Store M&A: Reports

Industry stands as a bright spot for mergers and acquisitions


4 Year-End Trends in Retail Fueling

Prices, promotions, urban challenges and, yes, electric-vehicle charging

Retailer rewards loyalty members with discounts throughout the season

Retailer recognizes those in the Armed Forces with gasoline discounts, free coffee, cupcakes

Unleaded 88 fuel available at most stores for $1.99 per gallon through Nov. 27

Retailer targets 3 million loyalty members by end of 2024

Retailer, fuel distributor sees net income drop more than 50%

Retailer has multiple store projects in the works in North Carolina, with more to come

Oil company will open 1st all-electric charging hub in California

Retailer sees increased margins in fuel and in-store merchandise

Winsight event aims to help women rise into the c-suite

Retailer sees net income dip $3.5 million in 3rd quarter compared to previous year

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