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Snacks & Candy

Trolli Martian Mix Lands in Stores

New candies launch with digital campaign on MySpace

Snacks & Candy

Sour Punch Launches Fan Favorite Pack

Pouch combines grape, fruit punch, tangerine and lemon flavors

CSP Plus and All Access: the best ways to truly immerse yourself in the c-store industry

Launches wide-reaching social-media campaign

Just two months in, ‘we are already seeing early benefits’

Campaign pits new Doritos Xxtra Flamin’ Hot Nacho chips against Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Spicy Pepper Puffs

Latest in a string of product line extensions

World’s Largest Box of Toaster Pastries part of larger Feeding America campaign

7-Eleven retailer group cites U.S. senator’s report for calling out shortcomings of standards

Johnson brings more than 30 years CPG experience to young snack company

Report includes 7-Eleven Inc. among list of franchise models ‘with a history of owner complaints’

Newest line extension will hit shelves in August

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