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How to make your CBD category safe & successful

How to make your CBD category safe & successful: A guide on how to increase sell through and reduce compliance emergencies.


Grow Profits by Optimizing Your Fuel Operation

Markets are consolidating and a smaller number of companies continue to get larger. The top 200 chains now run about 30% of all c-stores. So what is the best way for you to take advantage of your multi-station fuel operation and optimize your profits?

Rewards programs are widespread among convenience stores for one simple but powerful reason: the substantial revenue benefits that come from the associated incremental visits and sales.

Single stores and small chains make up nearly 80% of the convenience retail market, yet this space has been traditionally fragmented, preventing smaller retailers from having the same access to promotions and brand funding that large chains benefit from. Skupos unites this market through a single platform, allowing brands and retailers to work toward increasing revenue goals together.

The tobacco and nicotine category has experienced a roller coaster of sales trends as consumers in the United States navigate their way through the trying period of the coronavirus pandemic. In this webinar, Ryan Ganley of Swedish Match discusses the rapidly growing nicotine pouch segment and the value it brings to retailers as well as outlines the trends taking the category into the new year.

2020 was a challenging year, as consumer behaviors shifted and the ways customers felt comfortable interacting with your brand changed.

Ensuring your stores get the latest lighting, refrigeration and HVAC systems for improved appearance, operations and savings isn’t easy.

2020 has become the year of inflection for convenience chains. COVID-19 has changed the revenue mix and forced convenience chains to re-strategize and execute in an environment few have ever seen. Convenience store chains have been forced to adopt new digital capabilities and fulfillment methods in order to remain relevant as customers have gone mobile-first.

Subscriptions are everywhere you turn, from streaming services to fresh produce and pet supplies. Among the latest industries to adopt subscriptions is the grocery and convenience store market. From fuel discounts to coffee subscriptions, c-stores have an opportunity to leverage subscription programs to create customer loyalty and drive material incremental revenue.

With the seismic change of the last nine months, it’s crucial for retailers to connect with customers using the most relevant, timely and engaging content possible. Technological evolutions now offer c-store operators unprecedented ability to deliver cohesive messaging at every touchpoint, from the forecourt to the point of sale, and every place in between. This webinar is designed to help you prepare for and understand the advantages and opportunities of digital experience management. Advancements in three key engagement platforms have arrived at an intersection that is transforming the customer experience. Join Intel IoT visionary, Dane Oldridge and SageNet Digital Experience guru IV Dickson as they explore how these technologies have combined at just the right time to help c-store chains adapt and thrive in the “next normal.” From smart shelves to curbside and pumpside delivery to AI-driven digital signage screens, this webinar explores the real-world technologies and tactics available today, and what the near future holds. The webinar also provides an overview of SageNet’s CALM™ (Creative Asset Lifecycle Management) digital experience management platform.

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