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United Dairy Farmers: How Personalized Loyalty Drives Revenue

Ranked on Newsweek's Best Loyalty Programs 2023, United Dairy Farmers knows loyalty is the backbone of brand affinity. Centered around fuel discounts, UDF's loyalty approach uses exclusive app feature...


Twice Daily: How to Boost Customer Engagement with Loyalty Apps

Today’s c-store customers want personalized access to their favorite brands on the go. That’s why Twice Daily relaunched its mobile app with a more engaging interface, instant customer communications,...

Today’s convenience stores face the most demanding customer-base in the history of the industry. Most leading brands have already heeded the call for mobile apps, personalized rewards, even online ord...

What if giving away something as small as drip coffee could dramatically increase your brand’s bottom line? Loyalty programs are about more than giving away free stuff; a program is ultimately des...

Since launching its loyalty program, regional c-store brand, Yatco Energy, has seen an average 50% increase in spending month-over-month among members. In this webinar, Hussein Yatim, VP of Yatco Energy, will discuss mobile app must-haves and how Yatco has succeeded in competing with national c-stores.

From the early days of e-commerce to today’s rapid delivery services, consumers expect personalized and seamless experiences at the drop of a hat. This year, digital sales made up a third of all convenience store revenue. Moreover, data shows customers who order delivery tend to spend and tip the most, making them well worth the investment.

Join this webinar to learn the latest trends within c-store online ordering, and learn how to plan for the digital future.

By December 2020, loyal customers were averaging 0.3 more visits than in the same period in 2019, representing a growth of about 10%.

Join this webinar to learn more about the growing competition between c-stores and restaurants, and how 2020 shaped the future of c-store food service.

Through conducting analyses for dozens of brands and millions of individual consumers, Paytronix has found that most loyalty programs consistently boost visits and spend by 18–30% per enrolled member.

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