alternative fuels


NATSO, SIGMA Applaud Summer Sale Authorization of E15

‘Enables fuel retailers to improve gasoline’s emissions characteristics while lowering fuel prices at the pump,’ industry groups say


EPA Issues Emergency Fuel Waiver for E15 Sales

Action will provide relief at the pump from ongoing market supply issues created by the war in Ukraine and conflict in the Middle East, agency says

‘Vast majority’ of Volta’s employees have received offers of employment from Shell, says WARN notice

Convenience-store retailer is prioritizing alternative fuels, EV solutions, customer experience, more

Industry associations ask that agency incentivize renewable liquid fuels in addition to electric vehicles

Industry associations says new standards ‘will limit consumer choice’ and ‘significantly increase the domestic market share for electric vehicles’

1 out of every 5 retail stations in the state offer E15, E85 or both

Energy giant is condolidating and upgrading its global retail network in response to changing customer needs

Walton, Kentucky, site includes 12,200-square-foot store

Agency responds to request from Midwestern governors to expand access to higher-ethanol fuel blends

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