Petition Effort Approved for Missouri Tobacco Tax Increases

American Cancer Society seeks to increase taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products


From Smoker to Smokeless

A cancer center seeks to convert smokers into smokeless tobacco users.

Citing volume declines, company plans $400-million cost reduction

Commonwealth Brands, Altadis USA form newly named company

Letter from three U.S. senators urges strong regulation of all OTP products

Lautenberg, Durbin, Doggett introduce act to collect lost revenue; calls for high-tech markings

Seeking $1-per-pack increase; N.J. looking at taxing cigarettes, little cigars the same

Bill seeks to tax little cigars like cigarettes

Regulations ban cigars sold in packages of less than five and doubles retailer fines

FDA announced it awarded contracts to the Iowa Department of Commerce, the New Mexico Human Services Department and the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services

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