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Sour Patch Kids, Trident Vibes to Offer Game Codes

Mondelez pairs with Activision Publishing on the initiative


How C-Stores Can Increase Money Spent at the Register by Selling Nicotine Gum

Offering this smoking cessation product can be a boon for profit—as long as customers know it’s there.

Sugar-free gum garnered 85% of total retail gum sales in 2018, according to Packaged Facts

Sugar-free varieties accounted for 85% of the category’s profits

Marks the brand’s first launch since 2016

Latest product line comes in 3 flavors and has 5 calories per serving

Supplier will bring Nicotac to convenience stores beginning May 1

Customers helped select new addition Big Rally Blue Raspberry

Despite flat or declining sales, opportunities exist in the candy category

Apollo Energy Gum has been making deliveries via jetpack

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