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N.Y. Governor Signs Bill Restricting E-Cig Sales

Also signs law prohibiting smoking within 100 feet of school entrances, exits


NATO Show 2013 Announces Dick Morris as Keynote Speaker

Tobacco industry will continue to be a focus of federal government

Herzog to Big Tobacco: Electronic cigarettes are "more than just a fad"

Republic Tobacco is seeking a buyer and could fetch more than $2 billion in a potential sale, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Anti-tobacco group releases national survey results on electronic cigarette use

Long-term distribution deal for 3,100 U.S. corporate stores to begin in August

Swisher Sweets has introduced its newest product line: e-Swisher Electronic Cigarettes and Cigars.

Soft tip filter with same tactile feel of traditional cigarette filter

State legislatures continue to adopt bills that regulate commercial roll-your-own cigarette machines. So far during 2012, eleven states have enacted laws that range from licensing RYO retailers, to pa...

Electronic cigarette company hires McLane, Southland vet Grogman

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