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Melissa Vonder Haar is former senior editor/tobacco coordinator of CSP magazine. Contact her at

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2023 Behind the Counter Roundtable

Top category managers discuss the constants and the evolving aspects of the largest driver of in-store sales


Tobacco Regulations 2023: 'One Thing After Another'

Here are the 3 biggest category concerns at midyear

A deep dive uncovers a tale of inflation, innovation and continued evolution

Why convenience still stands as the best option for marijuana sales ... someday

Category leaders break down post-pandemic trends and challenges

Sales of most segments of tobacco/nicotine products slid in 2021 as total category sales hit $64.5 billion

Tough comps, rising pump prices and regulations challenge convenience’s largest category

A breakdown of the most pressing tobacco regulations facing retailers this year

“Normal” in tobacco means cigarette sales are back to historic declines; regulatory headaches are back in the news cycle; and the FDA continues to do … well not much

Product segment seeing a growing, young and cannabis-savvy consumer base

Exclusive High Yield Insights report highlights opportunities to capture new cannabidiol consumers

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