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General Merchandise: Personal Care 2016

Where the Gains Are

C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 27, 2015

In the highly diverse health and beauty category, c-store unit sales were down in some of the largest segments in 2015. Sales of male contraceptives slipped 1.4%, while sanitary napkins and tampon sales fell 0.6%. In paper products, c-store unit sales of toilet paper fell more than 9%, according to IRI.

SegmentC-store sales ($ millions)PCYA*Unit sales (millions)PCYA*
Male contraceptives$144.7(0.1%)35.8(1.4%)
Lip treatment$87.84.1%40.02.1%
Eye/contact lens care product$76.78.4%19.86.9%
Sanitary napkins/tampons$49.60.1%12.4(0.6%)
Toothbrush/dental accessories$26.06.9%10.06.9%
Suntan products$14.812.6%2.012.2%
First-aid accessories$11.17.6%5.44.0%
First-aid treatment$10.75.5%3.32.6%
Nasal products$10.5(0.2%)2.1(0.8%)
Hand & body lotion$8.37.1%3.23.8%
Baby formula/electrolytes$7.8(10.6%)0.6(6.2%)
Shaving lotion/men's fragrance$6.19.8%1.38.8%
Cosmetics - nail$5.42.9%3.5(3.4%)
Baby needs$4.88.0%1.96.5%
Hair accessories$3.76.6%2.30.5%
Toilet tissue$52.0(3.0%)24.0(9.1%)
Paper towels$22.1(2.9%)11.2(3.1%)
Facial tissue$10.3(0.9%)7.83.3%
Moist towelettes$9.58.4%3.85.4%
Paper napkins$1.9(4.1%)1.0(7.0%)

Source: IRI | * Percent change from a year ago

Big Number

1.4% —Drop in c-store unit sales of contraceptives in 2015, according to IRI

Distributor Data: HBC Shipments

Calendar year 2015

McLane average shipments per store per week of family planning items—e.g., condoms—rose 1.7% in 2015.

SegmentAPSW** (in dollars)APSW dollar growthPCYA*
Grooming aids$14.48($0.09)(0.6%)
Family planning$12.57$0.211.7%
External care$11.41$1.5315.5%
Feminine hygiene$5.57$0.193.5%

Source: McLane Co. | * Percent change from a year ago | **Average shipments per store per week

Distributor Data: Grooming Aids by UPC

Calendar year 2015

McLane’s most-shipped grooming-aid UPC in 2015 was the BIC Comfort 3 razor.

  1. BIC Comfort 3 Shaver For Men
  2. Oral B Indicator Toothbrush #40 Soft
  3. Listerine Cool Mint (8.5-oz.)
  4. Colgate Full Toothbrush Soft
  5. Irish Spring Bar (4-oz.)

Source: McLane Co.

Continued: Condoms & Feminine-Hygiene Products

Condom Trends

Condom Manufacturers

C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 27, 2015

More than 99% of c-store condom sales in 2015 came from the products of three manufacturers, according to IRI.

ManufacturerC-store sales ($ millions)PCYA*Share of category salesPoint changeUnit sales (millions)PCYA*
Church & Dwight Co. Inc.$116.83.9%80.7%
Ansell Healthcare Products$16.1(17.4%)11.1%(2.3)3.9(19.1%)
Reckitt Benckiser Inc.$10.7(4.1%)7.4%(0.3)2.7(8.0%)

Source: IRI | * Percent change from a year ago |** Including UPCs/brands/families not shown

Distributor Data: Family Planning by UPC

Calendar year 2015

The three-count Trojan Magnum was the top family-planning UPC shipped by McLane in 2015.

  1. Trojan Magnum (3-count)
  2. Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated (3-count)
  3. Trojan Ribbed (3-count)
  4. Trojan Mangum Ultra Thin (3-count)
  5. Trojan Her Pleasure (3-count)

Source: McLane Co.

Big Number

$52 million —C-store sales of toilet tissue in 2015, per IRI

Distributor Data: External Care by UPC

Calendar year 2015

McLane’s most shipped external-care UPC in 2015 was the 0.15-ounce Classic ChapStick.

  1. ChapStick Classic Original (0.15-oz.)
  2. ChapStick Cherry (0.15-oz.)
  3. Lil’ DrugStore Carmex tube
  4. Blistex Regular (0.15-oz.)
  5. ChapStick Lip Moisturizer (0.15-oz.)

Source: McLane Co.

Distributor Data: Feminine-Hygiene UPCs

Calendar year 2015

McLane’s top feminine-hygiene UPC in 2015 was the 10-count Tampax Super tampons.

  1. Tampax Super tampons (10-count)
  2. Tampax Regular tampons (10-count)
  3. Always Ultra Thin Maxi with wings (18-count)
  4. Tampax Pearl Super (8-count)
  5. Always Ultra Thin Maxi with wings (10-count)

Source: McLane Co.

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