Category Management Handbook

Complete, full-year, c-store-specific sales data in major in-store product categories
Category Management Handbook

Snacks Update: Get 'Snacking Friendly'

Several snack subcategories are besting their c-store unit sales performance.

Category Management Handbook

Foodservice Update: Viva Variety

Variety in prepared foodservice is providing growth opportunities as c-store retailers expand beyond traditional staples.

The candy category in 2016 looks a whole lot like 2015.

Despite its longer-term decline, the industry’s largest in-store category—cigarettes—posted respectable dollar growth.

Packaged beverages are leading c-store unit-sales growth in 2016. Why? Consider the alternatives.

More money in consumers’ pockets means a shift away from the mainstream

CSP's annual compendium of in-store sales highlights the recent performance of all the major in-store categories.

Meet the Category Management Association

With his diverse c-store experience, Benoit elevates Circle K's food efforts.

Young is praised for his passion and knowledge.