Rebel C-Stores Add Energy Chews

Nevada retailer stocking LiveWire Ergogenics' product line

LAS VEGAS -- Rebel Oil Co.'s Rebel Convenience Stores has added LiveWire Ergogenics Inc.'s LiveWire Energy Chew products in its more than 50 locations throughout Nevada. LiveWire Ergogenics Inc. recently announced a National Sales and Marketing Initiative to continue the rapid expansion of LiveWire's distribution channels and retail customer base throughout the United States.

"We consider Las Vegas to be a very important market for LiveWire Energy products," LiveWire CEO Bill Hodson said. "With almost 40 prime retail locations in Las Vegas and with strong brand recognition, Rebel Stores is an important retail presence in this very active city. We believe that marketing our products through Rebel Stores is an important step in the achievement of our marketing goals in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada."

LiveWire Energy Chews provide a pocket-sized, portable alternative to energy drinks or shots, offering consumers a flavored energy boost. The chews are made from a proprietary blend of B vitamins and advanced caffeine that is low in sugar, calories and carbohydrates. Eating one LiveWire provides a similar boost as a large cup of coffee. LiveWire Energy Chews are not gum, but they have a compactness similar to gum.

LiveWire Ergogenics and LiveWire Energy Chews LiveWire Energy Chews are manufactured in Anaheim, Calif., by LiveWire Ergogenics, which said it is the first company to market a full-flavored, soft "energy" chew containing B vitamins and up to 120 mg of time-released caffeine.

LiveWire Energy chews are portable alternatives to bulky energy drinks or shots. Available in seven different flavors, the product's grab-n-go packaging responsibly displays the amount of caffeine in each chew, including Citrus Mango (90 mg caffeine), Pomaberry (90 mg caffeine), Chocolate (100 mg caffeine), Mint Chocolate (120 mg caffeine), Sour Apple (90 mg caffeine), Cinnamon Fire (90 mg caffeine), and Coffee (100 mg caffeine).

LiveWire Ergogenics was formed in 2008 and its products are available for purchase at thousands of retail outlets nationwide and online.

Based in Las Vegas, Rebel Oil Co. has been serving its customers since 1952.