Dippin' Dots Brings the Gross

"Snot rockets" and "polar-bear poop" among new ice-cream flavors

Dippin' Dots Monster Munch

PADUCAH, Ky. -- Dippin’ Dots LLC, the maker of the iconic flash-frozen ice cream and frozen treats, is expanding its product line with Dot Monster Munch Ice Cream, an unconventional take on the traditional ice cream treat.

“We are excited about our new product offering, which updates the traditional ice cream concept with appealing characters and fun new flavors,” said Mark Liebel, vice president of business development and new ventures. “For years, our customer base has wanted to be able to enjoy the Dippin’ Dots experience at home. Now, with our new Dot Monster Munch Ice Cream, they can do just that.”

Dot Monster Munch Ice Cream features smooth, creamy ice cream with unique flavors and inclusions that can be stored in home freezers, a departure from the cryogenically frozen ice-cream beads that made Dippin’ Dots famous and that must be stored at ultra-low temperatures. The new line will be supported by a creative approach to branding and marketing that pairs delicious new flavors with cute monster characters and gross, groan-inducing names.

“We took a novel approach to these fun flavors to lighten up the mood and provide excitement to any party,” said Jamie Rayko, the developer of the brand. "These disgustingly delicious flavors were designed to bring out the kid at heart in both young and old. You've got to try them to appreciate their full impact.”

The initial line of “disgustingly delicious” Dot Monster Munch Ice Cream flavors includes:

  • Baby Bea’s Booger Batter--green vanilla ice cream with cookie pieces and fudge dots
  • Chewy Chomper’s T-Rex Rocks--chocolate ice cream with cookie dough chunks
  • Furry Ferguson’s Polar Bear Poop--vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks and fudge swirl
  • Miss Muddle’s Monster Muck--yellow cake batter-flavored ice cream with blue raspberry swirl and pink and blue icing dots with candy eyeballs
  • Pigtail Penelope’s Tickle-Me-Pink--strawberry ice cream with strawberry sorbet dots and icing flower
  • Smelly Nelly’s Monkey Mess--banana ice cream with fudge dots and strawberry swirl
  • Sour Susie’s Speckled Slime--purple cotton candy-flavored ice cream with sour-cherry swirl and sour-cherry dots
  • Uncle Gus’ Snot Rocket Chocolate--chocolate ice cream with green apple swirl and candy eyeballs

Dot Monster Munch Ice Cream will be available through a new website, www.dotmonstermunch.com, which will not only serve as a portal for ordering the products, but as a fun consumer experience populated by a colorful cast of creatures like Furry Ferguson, Sour Susie and Smelly Nelly. Products will be available via the website individually and in a variety of party packs. In addition, Dot Monster Munch Ice Cream will be available from participating Dippin’ Dots franchisees nationwide as well as in more than 100 Fred's stores. Dippin' Dots expects to announce more retail partnerships soon.

Made at the company’s production facility in Paducah, Ky., Dippin’ Dots distributes its unique frozen products in all 50 states and 11 countries and employs 170 people.