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Walter Zimmermann United ICAP

Walter Zimmermann

Oil analyst Walter Zimmermann offers his take on where gasoline prices will go from here.

NEW YORK -- After a dramatic 6-month decline in fuel prices and with the price at the pump peaking for the year this Memorial Day Weekend, CSP Daily News asked oil analyst Walter Zimmermann for his take on where things will go from here. Here is his exclusive analysis. Petro-complex Update As I...

RBOB crude oil chart

Low oil prices: Economic bonanza or deflationary contraction?

NEW YORK -- For the 31 years 1983 through 2014, the average preseason RBOB rally has been a 57% increase in spot contract value from a Q4 low to a Q2 high. However, the trend over these past 30 years has been for more and more of an average preseason rally to already be discounted in back month...

gasoline margins July record

Falling wholesale prices pad retailers' profits, led by the Southeast

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- July was a hot month for retail fuel margins , with the national average hitting record highs. This is according to research from Raymond James & Associates analysts, who noted that margins averaged 9.2 cents per gallon (CPG) above year-ago levels, or 53% up year-over-...

gas price sign
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